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Unique character logo design supports your business success

You cannot expect just your logo to make your company successful but you can certainly expect it to differentiate your brand and clearly communicate the promise you’re making to your audience. Character logo design is an effective approach to branding, and it is already popular with a number of major companies.

As a creator of professional cartoon logos, mascot logos and unique character logos, we have seen businesses benefit from our top-quality and creative illustrations. Here is a look at why and when you should consider a character logo for your brand.

The type of logo matters

Logos are everywhere. Yet only the creative ones hold our attention and pique our interest in the brands they represent. And among those visual brand identities are mascots, cartoons and characters that say, “Hey! This is who we are.” If you’re looking to update your logo or need a new one for your start-up, you may want to mull over character logo design rather than a logo created entirely from the word or words that comprise your company name, also known as a logotype or wordmark.

Logotypes work well for new companies that want to increase the exposure of their brand name. Simple and elegant, they can be very effective. Wordmarks work well for short names; we would advise against one if yours is a long company name.

For creative impact, a character logo is a better option.

a mascot logo can be a person or an anthropomorphized character (a clever zebra, a friendly teapot or a fierce mermaid). As we are more attracted to a human or human-like image, a mascot logo grabs eyeballs quickly, and conveys your image as well as offers a whiff of your capabilities. a mascot logo is ideal if your brand image can be described as friendly, fun and energetic, and works like a charm if you want to give off an upbeat, youthful vibe. Although popular wisdom says it is best to avoid mascot logos if you want to convey that you’re a serious, conservative, authoritative or luxury brand, you can still consider them as a branding tool for your employee advocacy or training programs, newsletters and any important initiative where there is a need for identification and recognition.

a mascot logo is flexible too. It can grow with your company and its design can be adapted to different uses. In fact, you can make a powerful statement with a mascot logo in a way a wordmark may not allow.

Play around in cartoon territory

Your mascot logo can be a cartoon character. Think Pringles and Wendy’s. You could use a cartoon logo for your company’s sports team or your university’s mathletes. Cartoon logos can be cute, funny or playful. They can be slick and cool – head-turners among adults and kids alike.

Branding or rebranding with a cartoon logo may not be a good idea if you want to appear authoritarian or aggressive. A sports team’s cartoon logo may be ‘too friendly’ for some people’s taste. Logos around cartoon characters may also be ill-suited to certain types of services, such as funeral homes, senior care centers or law enforcement agencies.

But any brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously should definitely consider a cartoon logo. A cleverly conceptualized cartoon logo drops big hints about the company’s approachability, values and talent. A water sports company with a pirate logo versus a monogrammed or abstract logo: which one do you think will resonate with consumers? It is very likely that the pirate logo – no matter whether he is depicted as friendly or menacing – will tie the interest around water-related fun to your brand in a matter of seconds.

Is custom character logo design a risky bet?

Why would you want to choose a character over a logotype, monogram or emblem? Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. A character logo can be more alluring than simply the name of the company or a stoic emblem. The extent of imagery in a character logo works to its advantage. Although people should quickly understand from your logo what your company is about, a character logo that creates interest by not being instantly recognizable for what it is, can also make the meaning behind the logo stick in their brain. Admittedly, such creative concepts work very well in conjunction with a widely distributed brand story and a frequent reminder of what the brand stands for. Creating a complex character logo for the sake of creativity is not recommended.

On the other hand, a well thought-out and executed character logo design is something you can be proud of. The modern consumer appreciates artistic expressions, novel concept designs and new experiences. If your character logo can strike a chord, it has succeeded.

Is your logo losing its power?

A good rule of thumb is to refresh your logo every five years. As your business grows and becomes more established, you may want to consider a logo redesign at the right time. If you have stuck to same logo for a very long time, and it doesn’t really align to current design sensibilities, you should consider an update.

If the data shows that your logo is not serving its intended purpose, embark on a redesign at the earliest. Your character or monogram logo is the first thing that people notice about your brand, so you want to make sure this important aspect of your identity gets positive attention

People judge a business by its appearance

A compelling logo, along with other branding elements, can create the right perceptions about your brand. Although your product or service will ultimately decide whether you hit sales targets and earn loyal customers, how you brand your business will matter when you want to create confidence in people to try your offerings.

You want to make your brand memorable

It is tougher for small businesses to be memorable in a sea of established competitors. Every effective marketing effort helps, including an aesthetically pleasing logo. We tend to remember creative imagery quite vividly and forget vanilla designs quite easily. When you’re trying to gain a foothold in your market and make an impression on customers, a good brand logo serves as a valuable ally.

You want to be different (in a meaningful way)

The modern consumer is smart and will quickly identify if a brand logo has been ‘inspired’ by an existing, widely recognized logo. Drawing upon the style of a successful logo is never a good idea, and in a worst-case scenario, may attract a legal notice from the offended party. Regard your logo as a way to differentiate yourself from the competition. A creative cartoon logo that conveys your sustainability efforts or a cool mascot that points to your innovative spirit will highlight your core value and make your brand stand out.

Nurture brand loyalty

With time, your logo can create the familiarity and trust needed to retain existing customers. Loyalty doesn’t develop instantly; it must be fostered strategically. Targeted marketing campaigns and visual branding elements can contribute to long-term loyalty, impacting your bottom line and supporting sustained business success. Custom logo design, particularly a properly considered character logo can punch above its weight, creating and maintaining perceptions necessary to encourage people to keep buying from you, while also attracting new customers.

Beyond corporate branding for customers, a powerful logo or cartoon illustration aimed at internal branding can help build consensus, rally employees and spark excitement. If visual elements can add value to promotions and advocacy, you should consider character, mascot and cartoon logos and illustrations strongly.

CharacterLogo is a one-stop designer

Logo design is TOUGH. You have to first conceptualize ideas and determine the right design direction. Then comes the big job of giving it shape, sketching it, and creating a final illustration. It calls for a considerable investment of creative energies, and is best implemented by a dedicated team of designers and illustrators.

Skills and experience at sketching / designing cartoon characters and mascots allow us to create unique and original logos and illustrations that grab eyeballs, generate interest in your brand, and help make your brand more recognizable. Whether you’re a new business or an existing one, we can assist with your branding needs.

Our design team is encouraged to think in new ways, challenge creative ideas constructively, and to work in alignment with business clients’ requirements. We deliver what online logo makers or cartoon logo apps fail: top-quality, unique and freshly minted logo designs. From analyzing visual appeal, relevancy, authority and suitability, to creating elegant, professional illustrations, we can take over the entire logo design task from you.

We also strive to provide a variety of character logo designs. A lot of thought goes into deciding the type of design to create, its meaning and potential impact, and how similar it is to existing, well-known logos.

Our support team is very responsive. Send us a few details on your project and we will get back to you within a business day, or sooner. Let’s start online and take our conversation forward. Here’s to character logos that make your brand stand out and imprint your product or service in consumers’ minds!

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